With the latest technology in the AVL industry, LVM Track provides functionality and reliability through state-of-the-art hardware and software.


Experience pinpoint accuracy with satellite tracking and positioning. You gain the power to know exactly where each asset currently is, and where it has been, with precision.

4G Technology

Why settle for 2G or 3G systems that will soon be phased out? LVM Track is enhanced with the latest 4G technology, ensuring the most reliable reporting and capturing of data. With LVM Track, you ensure your investment is sustainable and future-proof.

Superior Functionality

With the most flexible and customizable options in the market, you will have access to the most powerful tools and features available today. Take control of your business and eliminate uncertainty.


LVM Track offers seamless North American coverage as well as global coverage depending on your requirements. Have full control of your fleet and assets no matter where your business takes you.