LVM Track offers a robust set of advanced features making it the most comprehensive Fleet Tracking and Management system. Here are some of the most popular functions currently enjoyed by our clients. Want to know more? Request a FREE demo today and see this powerful software in action!  

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Automate maintenance, prevent breakdowns, stay productive
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Reduce idling, decrease emissions & increase vehicle health

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Stay ahead of the competition and save money
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Exceed your customers’ expectations & increase satisfaction using the latest technology
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Location Tracking 

In addition to real time location, leverage great tools to verify closest device to a client, locations can be automatically uploaded to LVM Track to prevent the hassle and time of manual data entry. Locations automatically record when your devices are close by and when they have arrived. All LVM Track reports automatically show location status with address and relevant situational data for each event.


This flexible feature is designed to save you time, fuel and help increase profitability. Routes can be used in conjunction with any devices, locations and geo-zones. Add multiple stops and let the system optimize the route for you. Avoid toll roads and highways, or rearrange the order of the stops. Manage and receive real-time notifications for deviation, delays, and out-runnings.  Ensure drivers are adhering to pre-defined routes and assign schedules. This great flexible tool does it all!

Order Dispatch & Messaging

Go beyond tracking but leveraging LVM Track's  built-in dispatch & messaging companion application. Dispatch orders to your mobile workforce, plan loads and assign schedules ahead of time. Drivers will receive their scheduled tasks within a dedicated smartphone/tablet app which will provide relevant order information, location, and navigation. Drivers will then be able to confirm or reject orders, add relevant comments and capture signature as proof of delivery (POD), which is all tracked and reportable through the admin portal. With built-in 2-way messaging, stay in contact with your drivers by sending or receiving messages and images live from the field. Use this tool to quickly and safely communicate with your field employees through a central console, all messages and images are stored so they visible to your dispatch team for accountability and reporting purposes.

Geofencing Technology

Set predefined, virtual borders on map and be notified if vehicle enters or exits that zone (ex. taking vehicle out of town or into unauthorized areas). Track and monitor arrival time and departure time from a specified sites or destinations of importance. Track duration of stay at a specified site. Stores data into a report and immediately sends a real-time notification through web-based system, as well as through email or directly to a Smartphone.

Custom Fleet Reports

An industry best, LVM Track reports are there to provide you with accurate, relevant data to help you better manage your business. All reports can be plotted on our map and have multiple exception filtering options including location, distance, speed, duration and many others. Run an ad-hoc report and refer back to it later, save a report for future reference and create automated, scheduled and recurring reports. The system will email you when your report is ready to be viewed, further saving time. Reports have mapped poly-lines to link relevant events and have collapsible summaries to view multiple vehicle results. Run a report for one device, for multiple devices, an entire fleet, multiple fleets, or for your entire account. Need more? Leverage our industry leading Custom Report Builder. Build and design an unlimited number of custom reports specific to your requirement with endless flexibility!

Temperature Monitoring

Serving the needs of today’s temperature controlled deliveries, we have developed an all new unique customized temperature monitoring solution. Our temperature sensors are calibrated to your specific environment and monitor current temperature in your mobile environment using a GPS enabled cellular modem. Alerts can be sent instantly to notify you of thresholds being exceeded. This solution is perfect for end to end cold chain. You can show your client that your cargo has stayed within optimal temperature range for maximum freshness upon receipt.

Emergency Man Down & Lone Worker

Fleet Manager has partnered with Grace Industries to provide an industry-leading solution. This is the same high quality service used by fire fighters and in the public safety industry to protect mobile lone workers. The T-Pass 3 is a fully integrated man-down and mobile lone worker safety emergency system with LVM Track. This ensures that man down and emergency notifications will get passed through the T-Pass mobile device to LVM Track and out to your emergency contacts immediately in case something goes wrong.

Toll Road Alerts

Is the unknown toll road bill breaking your budget? Fleet Manager's new notification option will let you know when your vehicles and/or assets are traveling on toll roads in real-time! With this new LVM Track enhancement, simply check off the toll road option in the notifications menu, our system will identify all toll roads to enforce your no toll road policies. Take advantage of the toll road option today - Let us start sending you notices via text and/or email when one of your devices have entered a toll road. You can now call and dispatch your drivers to get off toll roads in real-time!

Automated Maintenance

Managing your maintenance with Fleet Manager is simple. Create recurring scheduled maintenance events based on time, distance, engine hours or any combination of the three. Our application will notify you in advance of an upcoming maintenance event, providing the necessary time to schedule the vehicle in for service and eliminate excessive wear and tear. Record values like cost, location and any extra work that was completed. Refer back to old maintenance events and download them to a spreadsheet for safe keeping.



Loss Prevention

Monitoring each individual asset leads to improved safety ratings and lower insurance claims and premiums. 


Maintain a level of accountability between your business, your customers and your employees.

Cost Management

Capitalize on strategies proactively to recognize and plan for growth opportunities.


Overseeing the actions of your assets allows you to efficiently maximize your ROI.

Automated processes

Automation enables accurate and efficient data collection to manage critical business needs creating transparency, efficiency and, and compliance.

Safety and Security

React sooner to potential and immediate threats. 

A Unified System

Access and manage your assets in one centralized solution. Integrates with all major dispatching/routing systems. 

Record Keeping

Reports are automatically stored within our system for historical reference and used to generate audit trails such as HOS/e-logs. 


Premium Features

As a fully customizable solution, LVM Track can offer enhanced premium features such as in cab internet connectivity, tablet integration, mobile worker systems, camera systems and any other electronic systems. If you have a specific need please contact one of our experts for a free consultation.