Advanced Hardware

Powerful software enhanced by equally powerful hardware.

LVM Track employs the latest and most advanced hardware technology available. Each unit is expandable and can integrate with a myriad of peripherals and add-ons. Built-in memory buffers further enhance the powerful reporting tools offered through the web-based software, meaning all data is captured accurately and consistently. Hardware options include hard-wired units, portable units, plug and play units, engine diagnostic units, battery powered rechargeable units, and more.


Some peripherals and add-ons include:

  • Engine Diagnostic Cable
  • Smoke detector integration
  • Security keypads
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Temperature sensors
  • Door sensors/tailgate sensors
  • PTO sensors (plows, sanders, generators, winches, etc.)
  • Motion sensors
  • In-cab cameras
  • Integrated WiFi and LAN Capability
  • Customized solutions